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New Style Magic Painting JUMBO SIZE - Gary Mark  EXCLUSIVE

As seen on TV on The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

Every once in a while, there comes along a new effect, or a variation of one, which really creates a stir. Our ‘New Style Magic Painting’ is one such prop. It was launched at the IBM Convention in Southport eight years ago, and immediately sold out. It has been selling out ever since! Reviewed by Donald Bevan in ‘Abra’ 2701, it was described as ‘stunningly magical’ and ‘one of the bargains of the year’. Praise indeed, but when you see the item and handle it, you will realise that those words are no exaggeration.
On a large easel (approximately 18” x 13”) sits a clear frame, inside which is a black and white picture of a clown. The frame is picked up and shown front and back, and then replaced back outwards on the easel (“Because all magic happens in secret”). How the routine is developed is very much up to you, but there are plenty of other props in these pages which can be used in conjunction with the ‘Magic Painting’. Suffice it to say, the picture is ‘coloured’ by the children, and, when you slide it out of the frame, there is the clown, gorgeously coloured! The children can see through the frame, which is left on the easel.

Now for the clever bit. You sign the painting, or affix your label, and give it to the birthday child to keep as a momento of their party. Think of the publicity possibilities!

The prop already comes with twenty coloured 'Magician' pictures, and we can also supply extra inserts in packs of fifty. At the price we sell these, your give-away publicity picture will cost you just 25p!  The easel is made from coloured Foamex, which, unlike painted wood, doesn’t warp or chip, and the frame is crystal clear acetate, edged with prismatic strips.

We can also supply four other designs: Father Christmas, a Football picture, a Pirate picture and a Princess picture. This makes the ‘New Style Magic Painting’ a truly all-year-round effect, as the designs are interchangeable. Terry Herbert said we could say what we liked about the outfit and put his name to it, as he believes this is the best Magic Painting ever released. Bearing all that in mind, it is hardly surprising that so many of the top children’s entertainers in this country are using this effect. 

"Just a quick note to say how pleased I am with the Len's Paint Pot effect I had off you. This went straight into my shows and is a fantastic addition to the Magic Painting routine.There are so many bits of business in the effect from the spider in the pot to the spotty paint and stripped paint as well. It is very well made and works a treat. I did it at a Christmas party last night with children age 5 to 12 and even the older ones enjoyed it, especially when you can show the pot empty at the end. A great effect and well worth the money. It requires very little practice and takes up no room in the box. This item works a dream with the New Style Magic Painting effect. This I think is the best version of Magic Painting available today." Dave Leggett (Dave Doughnut)


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