General Children's Magic - Items tagged as "Vanish"

General children's magic. Suitable for most shows.

View all 20th 20th Century 3D airborne airship alberto ali ali baba alien animal Animals appear appearing astonishing away baba baffling Bag ball Balloon balloons Balls Bamboo Bandana bank night banner base Be a magician Beads beans bird Birthday Birthday Card bite black Blendo block blocks bongo Book BOR boretti bottle bottle vanish Bottles bouquet box bozo break breakaway broom bubble bubbles bubbly burster cage cake can Candy Cane Cane card card box Cards Carrot case cat CD century change Change Bag Charlie chest chick Children's Magic chilli chilly Chinese chinese washing Christmas christopher clatter clip Close Up cloth coat hanger Coil Coin coins coke color Colour Colour Change colour monte Colouring Colouring book colours Comedy Comedy Bottle compulsion Computer cone control cookie Crayon crossbones crystal cuba cube Cube a Libre cubes cubio Cups d'Lite david david kaye devil devil's devils dice Die Dog dollar dove Dove Pan Download dracula Drawer Drinks Drinky Duck duster DVD Dye dye tube Egg Egg bag Elastic Electric deck envelope Eric Expansion Fake fall apart Farm feather fields fire Flash Floating Flower flowers foo Football force force pad frame Freddie funny Games Geek Giant giant wand Gift Card gimmick giraffe Give away Give Aways Glass gravity hair band hairband half halloween hand handkerchief hanger hank Harry Potter Hat Hat shop Hats head headband heavy hedgehog Hi Ho Hippety hippity holder Holiday Magic homing Hood hop illusion inflate james jar jelly joao Joke jolly Jozo jug jumbo Jump jumping jumpossible just chance kaye keith lady lamp Leclerc lee lee alex lee alexs Lego Legos lens leprechaun Lewiscone libre light Lights linking liquid Liquids locking Lollipop Lolly Lovey lubor M&M Machine mad Magic Magic Marksman Magic Painting Magic Wand magic washing maching Magicbox match mats mccomb McCombical meadow Mel Mellers Mic clip Mic Holder microphone mikame Milk milk jug Mind Reading mini miranda mirror mirror box misers misers dream money monkey Monster monte mop mouth Mugs Multiplying mutilated needle thru balloon Neon net Niagara Nightcap note book notebook number square oreo pad Pad Force paddle paint Painting palming palmo pan paper pegs pegy Pen pencils Penetration penguin Pirate plastic Plume Plumes Pole pom pom pom pop popsy prayer Prediction printer Pro light pro show production Professors Nightmare pull apart pump Puppet Puppets pyramid qualatex qubik quentin Rabbit rabbits raccoon rainbow Refill reindeer remote Ribbon Ring Rising wand Robin Rocky roger rope Rose RSVP rubber Rubik Rubiks rudolf Run Santa scarf seance Sensation sgimmick Shapes Shoes shovel Silk silk frame Silk to Egg silk vanish silks silly billy Silver Sceptre Skull Slinky Slush snake snowman soap socks south pole spade spare spider Sponge Sponge Balls spooky Spot spring square Squeak squeaker squeaky wand Stand Still steel stick Stool Story stratosphere Straw string Stripes Strung sucker Sucker Trick Suspension Sven Svengali Sweet Swirly switch table taco tear thieves this is another one thrid hand through thru Thumb Thumb Light Thumb Tip tommy Tommy James topsy Toy toybox traffic light trick cards Tricky Tube turvy twenty pound Twist umbrella Under 5s universal utility vampire Vanish Ventriloquism Voucher wand washing Washing machine Watch water white willie willy winder Wine Wizard wobbly zag zebra zig zig zag zombie £20

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