Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

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Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves - PRACTICAL MAGIC EXCLUSIVE

The classic story of Ali Baba, The (not quite) Forty Thieves, and the cave of gold and treasure! 

Firstly, we meet Ali Baba! Then a bunch of villainous looking characters ride up and stop right by a huge boulder. You teach the children the magic password: “OPEN SESAME!” and, when the cave opens, there inside are the huge vases, crammed with gold and jewels.

As soon as the thieves have disappeared, Ali Baba uses the password – which, of course, you’ve forgotten! – and goes inside to investigate, but, while he’s there, the robbers return! (Not all forty of them, you understand. This has got to fit in your table. Besides, some of them are in prison!) The thieves can tell that someone is in the cave and the robber chief starts swishing his sword and saying that “the intruder will be in BIG trouble!” (Here, you enlist the services of a likely-looking villain from the mob of children, who menacingly waves his balloon sword about.)

How can the children help Ali Baba escape? Another child is enlisted to rub the magic lamp and wish Ali Baba to become invisible, and it seems to work, because although you go through all the robber cards, Ali Baba has vanished! (and there isn’t a double-lift in sight)

The thieves eventually leave, at which point Ali Baba suddenly peeps out from the back of the cave. So that’s where he was hiding! But there’s one more surprise in store, for the little girl who has been making Ali Baba invisible takes off the lid from the magic lamp and there inside is a small gift for helping! You get everything you need to work this right away: the cave, the robbers, Ali Baba and video links to make a great balloon lamp and sword to give to your helpers too!

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