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"Got mine at Blackpool; to see it demmed is to buy it; superb prop for the tiny tots, even had the adults laughing out loud..." P.H.

"Hi Practical Magic, I bought Ben in the Basket a couple of weeks ago and I have had the chance to use it the last two weekends for children's parties. The response I have had, has been fantastic. I have always been cautious about using puppets but I feel very much at ease with Ben. I have been on the look out for a basket for a puppet ever since I saw your own production of Terry Herbert's magic for the Under 5's. Well this has done it and I am sure I will be using it for years to come. Great entertaining prop. Many thanks." G.S.

Ever wanted to include a puppet in your show but were worried that you couldn’t do vent? Time to stop worrying! Here’s a 10 minute routine with NO vent – just very simple movements. Not only that, the prop comes complete with all the props you need AND an online video tutorial with performance and explanation!

We’ve said before, and we’ll say again, you can have the best puppet in the world, but it means nothing unless you have a great routine. We have always provided a strong routine with the puppets we sell, but this time we think we’ve excelled ourselves.

First of all, there’s Ben himself, an adorable little collie dog, but Ben’s naughty (there’s a missing chocolate biscuit to be explained!) – just the thing that children LOVE! During the routine we see Ben trying to mend his basket with a very large hammer; trying to perform magic with hilarious results; and finally showing the fish he has caught. All the time the accent is on comedy. 

Just look at what you get:

* a custom-made basket with a window woven into the back (not just a hole hacked with a sharp knife!);
* a very cute dog puppet with a long sleeve;
* a tap (faucet);
* a 9” silk;
* a 3” sponge ball;
* a large hammer;
* squirting fish;
* a link to a video with full routine and, after it, lots of advice and tips for getting the best out of your puppet.

It has taken over six months to polish the routine and assemble all the props and we are really proud of the end product. Not only that, we think that Ben in a Basket represents exceptional value for money!

(N.B. Colours and exact specifications of incidental props may vary slightly.)

The DVD starts with a studio performance of 'Ben in the Basket' followed by a thorough explanation of the routine. I do many puppet routines in my shows and I know without even trying this that is is a winner. The routine would be very funny for kids although I wouldn't use all of the 'bits of business' in the one routine, however you have ample material here for repeat bookings. The explanation portion covers not only the routine but also hints and tips on manipulation of a puppet (very important). Even though I have more puppets than a grown man should, after viewing the DVD I am going to go ahead and purchase Ben In A Basket. Highly recommended. TP

I also received my Ben in a Basket DVD today in the mail, I watched the DVD with my 7yr old son and my friend's 5 yr old daughter. They both laughed at the DVD as it went through the routine. This is a great routine for the younger audience. I think anyone over 8 yrs old would not enjoy this as much. If you are looking to add a five minute puppet routine to your show this one is priced right to do so. The basket on the DVD appears to be made well and Ben is a nice looking puppet. For the price you can't go wrong and you can always add your own props to make this your own routine. This is more of a comedy routine then a magical routine; however it can easily be changed to be a magical effect. Thank you Jeremy for allowing us to comment. RS

I also received a DVD to review.
I am not currently using a puppet routine in my show, but for my preschool shows I think it would be perfect. I like the routine as it is presented although a couple of the gags will not be understood by American audiences. There should be many opportunities for some creative additions to the routine. A cute puppy is something all children can relate to along with a good story line. I would say it will play best with the preschool age group, although my teenaged boys saw we watching the DVD and I detected a smile on their faces as they were watching too. Thanks to Jeremy for sharing.

Put this into my show for the first time at a kindergarten and stormed it! Afterwards the principal came over and said the children were mesmerised by the puppet. Jimbo (aka Jimmy Carlo)

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