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Bingley Brothers’ Circus – Pat Fallon   EXCLUSIVE

If you’ve got a rabbit, you’ll want this!
If you haven’t got a rabbit, you’ll go out and BUY one!

· Fifteen months in the making: professional woodwork, professional artwork and professional spray finish.
· Ten minute routine – none of your, “Here’s an empty box. Oh, look, it’s full.”
· Engaging story, which involves the children throughout, culminating in the appearance of a live rabbit!
Long ago, there was a circus owned by Mr Bingley, Mr Bingley and Mr Bingley. They arrived in Anytown to perform, but the field where the circus was to be staged was waterlogged, so they went to the manager of the local theatre and asked if they could hire the building. The manager said, “Fine, but you’ve got wild animals, so you must put up some bars to keep the audience safe.”
The Bingley Brothers placed bars at the front of the stage, the audience filled the theatre, and the curtain went up as Mr Bingley strode onto the stage to start the show. Normally, a great round of applause greeted him, but on this evening there was…NOTHING! He suddenly realised the reason: the audience couldn’t see him properly because of the bars, so the bars were removed and the audience cheered, “Hooray!” Unfortunately, the manager heard the cheering, charged out and demanded that the bars were replaced. “Boo!” (You can see where this is going.)
On came the SEA LIONS. Well, they weren’t a threat to anyone, so the bars were removed. “Hooray!” Through bad luck, a ball slipped off the nose of one of the sea lions, hit the edge of the stage and bounced into a lady on the front row who screamed. The manager heard the screams, charged out and demanded that the bars were replaced. “Boo!”
Next came the ELEPHANTS and the bars were once again removed. “Hooray!” Unfortunately, one of the elephants climbed off the stage and SAT on the same lady in the front row who went, “Mmmmph!” The manager heard the noises, charged out and demanded that the bars were replaced. “Boo!”
Then there are LIONS and TIGERS, with the bars coming and going and the children cheering and booing.
Finally, there are no more animals left. “Aaaahhh!” but the audience is excited when they hear that there’s a magician in the audience (that’s YOU!) He comes on stage and shows that there’s nothing left, so the curtains are lowered. A board is held up to teach everybody the magic word, ‘ABRACADABRA’, and when the curtain rises again, THERE IS A LIVE RABBIT!!  A fabulous production. A fabulous piece of magic AND a fabulous story. This is premium quality. 

Technical stuff. Width: 19” (including side handles); Height: 11” (add another 7” to allow for the ‘curtain’); Depth: 11”. Load chamber: draw a square 11” x 11” and draw a line from bottom left corner to top right corner. That will give you a side view of the load chamber. Weight: 4 kg. (All figures are approximate.) The box is made of wood throughout and sprayed black. The bars are silver. The front ‘curtain’ is maroon with gold highlights. Carrying handles and air holes are fitted. The flap is held in place by a sliding lid which doubles as the board which displays ‘ABRACADABRA’ (white on black). There are 4 picture cards, each 16” x 10”, which are screen-printed in full colour onto plastic. Background of each picture is bright yellow to suggest a stage under lights.

“The BEST rabbit production in Britain – and you know how fussy I am!” David Diamond

"'Bingley's Circus' ordered Thursday just before lunch. Delivered at 8.30 am the next morning and I used it in shows Sat. and Sunday and it played fantastically." Mick Redfearn.

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