Birthday Candles

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Birthday Candles EXCLUSIVE

You are supplied with: four 18” picture silks and a light-up thumb tip. (You will also need a small packed of candles and a two or three way Change Bag, which are not supplied.)

Announcing that you are going to bake a cake you show a picture of a mixing bowl. In the routine, which we supply, there is all the fun of the ‘Baking the Cake’ trick. After some funny mishaps, the picture is shown again, and there is a beautiful cake – but there are no candles, and, as this is a birthday cake, we need some candles. You drop in a small packet, stir up everything and remove a picture of a birthday cake with candles – BUT THEY’RE NOT LIT!

Reaching into the air, you catch little red lights at your fingertips, and finally show the cake in all its glory with lighted candles! A fabulous all-year-round routine with some really eye-catching magic! 

“This trick is superb! Brilliant! I’m so glad I bought it!” Jack Cohen

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