Candy Cane/Lollipop Wand

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Candy Cane/Lollipop Wand

Years ago, we made a wand called a 'Tantalizing Wand', the method and routine for this version are exactly the same, but with a different finale!

First the white ends of the wand won't behave. Both white tips keep jumping to one end. Just when you think you've fixed it - it happens AGAIN!  Eventually the wand is wrapped in paper (newspaper or birthday/Christmas wrapping paper) and one white tip is vanished and is going to reappear attached to the correct end of the wand. The tip vanishes, but when the wand is removed from the paper, it's turned into a red/white striped candy cane (or lolly stick). Suddenly, a lollipop appears one one end of the wand too!!  The routine is exactly the same as the Tantalizing Wand (except for the lollipop ending), so the video demo for this is our beloved Jeremy and the original version of this great wand.

Beautifully made in plastic, all pieces magnetically lock together for a really smooth operation.

Wand measures 1.5cm x 36cm (0.6 x 14 inches) approximately

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