Striped Flat Change Bag - 2 Way

Melanie Partner


Change Bag - Flat 2 Way

This works on the same principle as all Change Bags, i.e. items dropped into one side are simply disappeared by opening the second compartment. The bag can be turned inside out.
Obviously, the bag is extremely versatile, as items can be made to appear, be restored, change colour, etc. Items can also be forced: a number of all-alike cards are in one side; different cards are shown and then dropped into the bag; the switch is made, and the spectator has a ‘choice’ of one of the force cards. A torn, or dirty white handkerchief becomes restored and clean.
The applications are numerous, but a word about the handling. Sewn into the top of the dividing material is a thin strip of plastic. Hold the bag at the top left corner, and the top right corner. Each corner is pinched between the respective thumb and index finger. If you apply pressure with the two index fingers, pressing them in, towards your body, it will force the divider towards you. If you apply pressure with the thumbs, the divider will snap away from you. You can, therefore, open either compartment at will, and unseen.

Various designs available all striped!! Approx. size is 11" square.

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