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Chinese Sticks  UK EXCLUSIVE

We have hunted high and low to find a really top quality set of sticks, and at last we’ve managed it. The sticks hardly need to be tilted at all – which, if you’ve ever handled Chinese Sticks you will know is the most important part. These are square ended, nearly 18” long, in red and black with ‘pearl’ beads and white tassels (for maximum visibility). Metal construction. This effect is a classic of magic: two sticks are held; at the end of each stick is a tassel on a length of cord. On one stick the cord is long and on the other it is short. Pulling down on the short cord causes the long cord to go up, and this is repeated. Each time the short cord is pulled, the long cord goes up. It seems obvious to the audience that this is the same piece of cord and that the sticks are connected, so the performer separates the sticks and places one under his arm. Even in this position, the rods continue to behave as before with one cord rising as the other is pulled! If you want the best…this is it!

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