Christmas Cards Across

Tommy James

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Christmas Cards Across - Tommy James

This is actually Tommy's Kids Cards Across, but the props and routine are identical, albeit with a Christmas flavour!

The MAGIC happens right under the noses of two child helpers!

Straight out of Tommy's own Christmas Magic show. This entire routine can be viewed on his Christmas Magic Show DVD.

Invite two volunteers on stage. You display two clear vinyl holders with lanyards attached to each. One of the holders contains RED back cards and the other BLUE. Place the holder containing the red cards around the girls neck and the blue around the boys neck, explaining that the MAGIC will happen right under their noses!

You remove the red cards and display pictures of red ornaments, the kind you decorate a Christmas tree with. You have all the kids count with you, as you count the cards. There are SEVEN. Place them back into the holder around the girl's neck. (The holders are not gimmicked.)

Remove the blue back cards and display blue ornaments, once again having the kids count with you as you very fairly count seven blue ornaments. Place them back into the boy's holder. MAGIC MAGIC MAGIC! You make three red ornaments fly from the girl's packet to the boy's packet, invisibly. You have the girl remove the red back cards and slowly count them into your hand. Only four cards remain!

You instruct the boy to remove his cards from his holder and count them into your hand. Miraculously he now has TEN cards and three of them are RED ornaments! The MAGIC happened right under their noses!

NOTE: This is not a self-working routine. There is one sleight involved and Tommy provides a detailed set of instructions as well as a video link with close-up video of the handling to help make learning the routine a breeze.

The cards are vibrant and made in poker size. Complete with holders, lanyards, cards and detailed instructions with a video link. Fun, interactive magic and perfect to add to your Christmas themed shows!

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