Clatter-Box Deluxe

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Clatter-Box Deluxe

A classic comedy prop.

Remove a silk (or any small object) from the box. The performer vanishes the silk by any method and states that it will reappear inside the empty box. When you try to open the box, it suddenly breaks apart and all the bits drop onto the floor with a clatter leaving only the top hanging from your finger. Amazingly the vanished silk is found hanging from the top part of the box.

I always felt that the main drawback of the clatter box, was that after a few uses, the paint finish began to look tatty, and become damaged, scratched and worn.

No issues like this with our Deluxe Clatter Box. Beautifully made in PVC, the colour will not chip or scrape like wooden or metal boxes.

Box is available in plain black, and is approximately 20 cm in height.

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