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Coin Tray - plastic

What a fabulous routine with really simple props! You can make this a riot of fun! Now you might not think you could get much fun out of the good ol’ Coin Tray, but, if you watch the video presentation, you’ll see a routine of Arnold Furst’s which is just made for children’s shows!
State that you’re going to play a game and invite up a young helper who can win a prize if they follow the simple rule: they must answer ‘Yes’ to any question. Sounds simple? You pick up a tray and say that there are exactly 10 coins on it – does your helper believe you? ‘Yes!’. Well, you’ll check anyway so the coins are tipped into the child’s hands and he counts them back on to the plate. Exactly 10. The coins are poured back into the child’s hands and he lifts them high and holds them together on his head.
Now you ask questions: does he like girls?! Is he married? Can he see this invisible coin in the air? Really?! Does he think you can make it fly invisibly up the boy’s sleeve and into his hand? Well., it happens…not just once but 4 times, and your helper solemnly counts them all back onto the plate…10, 11, 12, 13…but where’s the 14th?
Ah, well you’ll have to watch the video to find out!
Tray is made of black plastic and is approx. 62 x 4.5" (15 x 11cms). 
Please note that the coins are for illustration only, though half dollars are ideal for this prop.

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