Colour Changing CDs

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Colour Changing CDs

It all started with 78RPM. Then we moved onto 33 1/3 RPM.
Then the single.  Ah! Remember the single? Well, most children...DON’T!
And that’s the problem! ‘Colour Changing Records’ is a lovely trick, but you have to explain records to the children. No such problem with CDs! So here’s the same effect (different method). A CD is shown, front and back, (and we have to say that a CD looks a lot more magical than a single!) and slipped into a plastic wallet. There’s a hole through the centre of the wallet, through which a ribbon (let’s say Red) is pulled. When the CD is pulled out, it’s very RED! On both sides! You repeat this (you clever blighter!) with BLUE and YELLOW! Complete and ready to work (did I say that the working is a cinch? Of course I didn’t. Nevertheless, you will find the modus operandi, what shall we say?... elemental, primary, uncomplicated...oh, forget it!) Dead simple! Good trick, too! 

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