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Countdown EXCLUSIVE 

Ten large cards numbered 1 – 10 are all you need for this really entertaining routine. It is NOT a card trick though! Use it with children; use it with children and adults; or use it for just adults. The result is the same: FUN and ENTERTAINMENT!!
You explain that the cards you are using have magical properties, and simply by spelling a number, you arrive at that card. You show how the trick works by spelling ONE, then TWO, and then THREE: each time you arrive at the spelt number. Now, you invite a spectator to spell FOUR, but NINE appears. You spell it again and reach FOUR. Now the spectator tries FIVE but still gets NINE! When you spell it, FIVE turns up. The same mistake happens with SIX, so, in desperation you ask the youngest child to try spelling SEVEN. It works! Back to the spectator to spell EIGHT, but still NINE appears! Eventually you reach NINE itself. Success, as the spectator gets it right! You point out that although the spectator wasn’t very good at counting – and here you hold up the TEN – they get TEN OUT OF TEN FOR BEING A GOOD SPORT!!
(Pictured with Countdown is well known children’s entertainer David Ginn.)

The cards are screen printed on tough plastic - about A4 size. They are easy to handle and wipe clean.

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