Cuba Libre

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Cuba Libre - Classic UK EXCLUSIVE

A fabulous effect, with amazement, excitement and entertainment at its finest.

You present two columns of cubes which are marked with the numbers 1 to 6. On one column the numbers read from top to the bottom in ascending order, while the numbers on the other column are exactly the other way round. You slip a tube, which you have shown to be empty, over one column of cubes and remove it again - and your spectators see that the numbers on both columns are in exactly the same order. 
The cubes are then removed from the column one at a time and stacked in a different sequence. Regardless of how you put the column of cubes together again, covering it briefly with the tube is all that is necessary to have it back in the same order as the other column. It doesn’t matter whether only the even or uneven numbers face forwards, whether one number is lying sideways or is upside down or the cubes are completely mixed up.
The glorious conclusion is a series of great effects where the spectators can determine completely without prompting how you should stack the column and the second column shows exactly the same sequence of numbers.

A sensationally good piece of workmanship which functions perfectly. Tube height approx. 45 cm, size of each cube about 7.5 cm.

With our precision-made cube illusion decorated for maximum stage presence, your presentation is guaranteed to win applause from a  small circle of spectators or on the big stage. Your spectators will be talking about it long after the show.
If you are looking for an illusion that mystifies your spectators again and again, one in which the sequence of effects puzzles those watching, one that thoroughly amuses your spectators, during which you are guaranteed to get applause after each sequence and one that functions reliably, this is it! You will never regret buying it.

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