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Deja Zoo – with EXCLUSIVE routine by Paul Hallas

Two spectators THINK of any animal from a set of flash cards. You pick up two blank cards, make a couple of quick sketches, and your predictions are correct! If you are concerned that your artistic capabilities are not up to the job – DON’T WORRY, because absolutely no artistic skill is required. In fact, (and this is said very quietly) you never actually have to draw anything! The trick is gimmicked and ready to use right out of the package! You receive 9 animal cards (about A5/ Jumbo size), a wooden stand and a marker. You show the cards and two members of the audience think of any of the animals as you show them. Picking up a blank card and a felt-tipped marker, you attempt to read the minds of the spectators. You place your predictions on a card stand, then – for the first time – the two spectators call out the animals they selected. You place their selections on the stand next to your sketches, and, when the stand is turned around, you have correctly guessed their choices! And what an artist you prove to be!


Cards are beautifully printed and the stand pulls into two pieces for easy packing

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