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There can be few who don’t know the workings of this classic of magic: a die is placed into a box, and, after a LOT of byplay, disappears. It re-appears inside a hat or another box which was previously shown empty.

What is new about this version is the sheer quality of the construction. This is professionally made in Foamex - a sturdy plastic which doesn’t warp and from which you can cut perfect angles. Chrome handle and brushed aluminium knobs.

What we ask you to do is to COMPARE this prop – and, indeed, many of the other props in our range – with similar items offered elsewhere. Compare the price and also the quality. Practical Magic have made their reputation by offering first rate quality at sensible prices, and the Die Box, illustrated here, is a perfect example.

"The Die Box was one of the first effects I ever purchased and over the years I have had a number of different models which I was never really satisfied with. This Practical Magic model is definitely the very best I have seen. The prop works a dream...and the magnetic doors make them so easy to open and close. I am thoroughly satisfied with this beautiful prop. It was well worth every penny spent." I.A. 

"The Die Box arrived this morning. I'm just writing to say how very pleased I am with it! I've been looking for a Die Box for ages and this is definitely the best of any I've seen or handled. It's so nicely made and it looks magical in a simple classical way. I'm sure it's going to be a joy to use. Using magnets to keep the doors shut works really well." M.B.

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