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Dog Arm Puppet

If ever there was a star of the show, then this is it! We can honestly say that this dog has been the most popular item we’ve had over the past nine years. At every convention, someone will come up to us and say that the dog has taken over his or her show. Here’s a typical comment we received, “…but the biggest thanks goes to you for talking me into buying the Dog Arm Puppet as it’s becoming a big hit with the children and adults alike…I’ve had one booking which I can honestly say is because the little girl wanted ‘Scruffy’ at her party.” M.B. (Essex). Now you can have the best puppet on the market (and it is!) but you won’t use it unless there’s a routine (see separate entries for routines). Don’t run away with the idea that you have to be a ventriloquist. YOU DON’T! There isn’t any vent. here at all, just 10 minutes of hilarious excitement. If you can’t get to a convention where we are demonstrating the dog, please take our word for it that this is the best investment you will make if you entertain children. Quite a few entertainers have sent us their publicity material and the dog always features prominently! We sell the dog and the routines separately. 

A comment from a customer: "I received the Dog Arm Puppet and am delighted. That's two in our family now as my Father already has one and I too can add a positive testimonial in that the fun generated by this lovable character is endless and a huge hit with all who see him. Thanks." L.A. (Derbys.)

And another: "I just thought that I would drop you a line to let you know that the puppet arrived safely today and does fit. I read on an Internet forum, a tip about getting it professionally groomed facially, and so tried phoning two different Dog Grooming Salons. When each realised that I was talking about a puppet and not a puppy, one hung up straight away, and the other was convinced that I was playing some practical joke and refused to have anything to do with me. Thankfully my third attempt (a local pet superstore) were willing to help, and so I took Barney (his new name) to get groomed. The girl was very helpful, and Barney's calm response to being groomed seemed to stop a real customer from fretting. The funniest part of the trip, was the number of people stopping to look through the window at Barney (both adults and children alike). One women even opened the door, looked in and said how well behaved and lovely he looked. When someone asked if he was real, the groomer quickly placed her hand in him, and moved his head, much to the surprise of the increasing audience. From the reaction, I'm sure he's going to prove a winner, and a great investment. He now looks fantastic, and the groomer has shown me how to keep him groomed and looking like a young Old English Sheepdog should. By the way, there was no charge for the grooming, as it only took 5 minutes, and I think that the groomer quite enjoyed the experience. Thanks again." M.R. (Cheadle)

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