Dog Arm Puppet routine - the Girlfriend

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Dog Arm Puppet routine - the Girlfriend EXCLUSIVE

How often have we been asked for more material for the Dog Arm Puppet! Well, here it is and we truly believe it’s terrific! Very soon, it’s going to be the dog’s birthday, and he’s decided that there aren’t really any presents that he wants. He’s got a ball, a lead, tasty food and a water bowl, a warm bed – what else does a dog want? Well, actually, there is something else – but it’s not a present at all. The dog would love to have a girlfriend! You show various pictures of lady dogs, but although they are all very nice, none of them is quite what the dog is looking for.
(Somehow, a picture of a cat gets mixed up in all the pictures, and you can imagine the chaos!) Finally, you come to the very last card and from the dog’s reaction, you can tell this is the girl of his dreams. You then decide to play a game, and say that you bet the dog can’t find this girl among all the others – even when blindfolded! Of course he succeeds! A date is arranged and then the dog needs to get ready – he knows exactly what to wear and he produces an enormous, spotted bow tie (supplied), which he proudly puts on. (Please note that bow tie designs may vary.) Appealing artwork and a really funny plot makes this routine a WINNER for children!

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