Dog Arm Puppet - Tales for Dogs routine

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Dog Arm Puppet - Tales for Dogs routine EXCLUSIVE

This is a terrific new routine from Darrel and Peter Mileson involving simple, pack-flat props. You tell a story to the children. The story is beautifully silk screened in a colourful folder. The dog is the central character - of course! Three children help you to illustrate the story along with the dog. Now the dog has to play all sorts of different roles during the story and it is up to the children to change him. Each child is given a card depicting an object. For instance, there's a police helmet for when the dog is being a police dog! But a moment later he has to be a sheepdog...well, you get the idea! The dog has to solve a crime - 'The Case of the Vanishing Ice Cubes'! Naturally, he succeeds with the help of the children, but not before there has been a lot of fun and participation.

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