Dream Bags - Small

Di Fatta


Dream Bags - Small 

Please note that the version shown in the video is the Large version - but the basic effect is the same.

This is a beautiful effect, but one which is very easy to perform. A bag is shown, inside as well as out, then you dip your hand inside and pull out a sort of clear box which is filled with flowers. To the increasing bewilderment of your spectators, you repeat this again and again and again, until there are three boxes - red, blue and yellow. They make a terrific display. If you can reach into a bag, you can perform this! Size: 3" x 3" x 7".

We suggest what we think is an improvement on the above. After showing the bag empty each time, you reach in and remove (say) a blue silk. The box you produce matches the colour of the silk each time. This lengthens the routine in an attractive way and makes for a more showy presentation. We can supply silks. An even showier presentation is to fold some glitter into the silks so that you get a small shower each time a silk is produced.

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