Egg Bag - Malini

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Egg Bag - Malini

This is a plain black or red bag made of the thinnest material. It seems impossible that anything could possibly be concealed in the bag, yet its clever construction allows you to do just that as an egg repeatedly vanishes and re-appears. Beautifully made. As far as we know, no one else has this version in the UK.

Gimmick details:

Other types of egg bags on the market are basically made of single-layer cloth, these egg bags are easy to be folded a few millimetres at the edge of the gimmick, which leads to the edge of the gimmick with a thick "edge". When the audience reaches into the bag, they are likely to feel the presence of this strange edge directly, and even see the shape of the edge from the outside of the bag. But on ours, the edge of the gimmick adopts invisible stitching technology, the edge of the gimmick is smooth and non-mark, and it is flat and attached to the outer cloth.

Identification mark:

Our Egg Bag adds a circle of imperceptible "decorative" stitches in the corner with the gimmick side. You can easily identify the position of the gimmick by "looking" or "touching". You don't have to worry about forgetting which side the gimmick is in halfway through the performance.


The Egg Bag comes with online video teaching to help you quickly master Egg Bag skills and have your own egg bag routine.

In order to facilitate everyone's practice, each set of our Egg Bag's come with a very realistic wooden imitation egg.

"Thanks for 'Egg Bag' - good quality, even Malini would be pleased to use it!" Pat Milton.

"My search for the perfect Malini 'Egg Bag' is over! Absolutely superb quality, it handles like a dream. Once again, you have a winner." Ted Lumby

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