Emperor’s New Clothes

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Emperor’s New Clothes EXCLUSIVE

Those of you who own our Hi Ho Hats (and there are hundreds of you!) will be delighted to hear that this trick involves exactly the same very simple handling.

Here is a magical presentation of the well-loved story: an Emperor wants a new set of clothes, and appoints two brothers as tailors. However, the brothers are not tailors at all but clever robbers! They pretend to make a suit of clothes, which only clever people can see, so you ask the children if any of them are clever.
Of course they are!
But the children are in for a surprise when the suit of clothes is shown! Another disaster follows before the Court Magician makes everything right.
Completely flat pack, and comes with everything you need. Cards approx. 9" x 7".
A funny story, beautifully silk-screened props, three separate surprises with a magical finish!

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