Evaporation Experiment

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Evaporation Experiment - Mike Makman EXCLUSIVE 

In ‘The Linking Ring’ (December 2001) Mike Makman (a.k.a. Professor Putter) published a One-Man Parade which had some terrific items in it. (If you can get hold of a copy, then do read his Parade.) Of these items, one which particularly stood out was his ‘Evaporation Experiment’. We contacted Mike asking if we could use this routine, and he wrote back saying he would be delighted. Thank you, Mike! So what’s the routine? A volunteer from the audience is chosen to participate in an ‘experiment’. (Mike uses this routine with children, but it also makes a wonderful adult/cabaret spot.) The spectator tries to guess which of three cups contains water. It sounds like fun to him until he discovers that a wrong guess might mean disaster! By the way: there is NO mess, and, if you REALLY want to know, this routine uses the magician’s old friend ‘Slush Powder’. If you’ve been looking for a good use for this valuable item, look no further!  We supply Mike’s hilarious routine (and no one suffers!) plus a generous supply of the powder. Please don’t pass this one by because you don’t use liquids. The whole routine is self-contained. You would be missing out on superb entertainment! No one is going to sleep whilst you perform this! Trust us! (Please note that the cups in the photo are for illustration only.)

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