Flap Doodle Bag (Rip Apart Change Bag)



Flap Doodle Bag (Rip Apart Change Bag) - Roy Baker

This bag is very similar to a flat change bag with three compartments. Access to either of the two side compartments is through the top of the bag; access to the middle compartment is made by holding onto the two side compartments and ‘ripping’ the bag open (i.e. tearing open the Velcro strips). Anything in this centre compartment is catapulted into the air! 

You can, of course, simply use the bag as a Change Bag. In other words, items placed in one side are switched for the items in the other side. If you want to make a triple change, have items loaded in the centre compartment as well.

However, the 'flying finale' is what makes this bag special.

Here are some ideas for ways in which the bag might be used:

  • Tear up coloured tissue paper and tear open the bag to reveal a cascade of spring flowers.
  • Use the bag for a version of Twentieth Century Silks (where a vanished silk appears tied between two others).
  • The bag is ideal for use with the Dalmatian Silk set (which we also sell) in which a white dog becomes a black dog and finally becomes a black and white spotted Dalmatian
  • Loose rope loops become magically linked into a chain and fly in the air when the bag is ripped open.
  • Bag measures 27cm x 32cm approx (10.5" x 12.5")
  • Made in heavy duty drill cotton to last a lifetime. Machine washable.

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