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Flash Card Opener - Tommy James UK EXCLUSIVE

Get your audience involved and responding right in the beginning of the show
with Tommy James' NEW Flash Card Opener!

You begin your show holding a large card which has a big bold letter "R" on its face.
You point to the R, encouraging the audience to respond and the audience yells out "R!"
You remove the card and place it at the back of the stack. The next card has a big, bold
letter "U" and once again, you point to it, urging the audience to respond. Place it at the
back of the stack. The next card shows a big, bold RED letter "E." Point to it and the
audience shouts out "E!" You verbally correct them and say "RED E!" (Ready)

You bring the two previous cards tp the front and start all over again, repeating the
above sequence. This time the audience yells "R, U, RED E!" The next card shows a
big, bold number "2." The audience yells out "2!" Place it at the back of the stack
and the next card shows a big bold letter "C." The audience shouts out "C!"

All of a sudden a display of 5 hinged cards spring open making a colorful sign
that says "MAGIC!" You finalize the phrase and ask "Are you ready to see MAGIC?"
They respond "YES!!!" And off you go!

The cards are colorful and large measuring a full 5" by 7" and can be seen
in a large hall. The handling is super easy so you can concentrate on presentation.
Priced right and a perfect way to begin any magic show!

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