Flito Flower

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Flito Flower - Originated by Paul Scott

You show a blooming flower in a pot which you have bought as a present. Unfortunately, the flower makes you sneeze, and the petals fall off! The stem is covered and the children help you with the magic. Of course, you need a magic wand, but now the flower grows on the wand – but you never see it! The children think it’s under your arm, but no, it’s back on the wand! Eventually, you do see it, and invisibly throw it towards the covered stem. When you whip off the cover, a moment later, there is the flower, back on the stem! Complete with Blooming Wand. If ever you wanted a riot – here’s your chance! This is fantastic fun: colourful, comical and visual magic. Of all the tricks we market, we have more difficulty keeping this one in stock than anything else. That should tell you how good it is!

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