Forcing Dice - One Way


Forcing Dice - One Way

Instead of having a different number on each face, these dice have the same number repeated six times. Each die features a different number – one die has only 6s on it, another only 5s, yet another only 4s, etc – so that by choosing the appropriate die, you can guarantee the result of a roll.

Obviously these dice will not stand close scrutiny so they are most effective when used sparingly, substituted for a regular die at a critical moment. For example, hand out a regular die, then switch it for a gimmicked force die as you drop it into a mug, cup or plastic beaker. The narrower the container, the better, as when the spectator places their hand on top, shakes then looks inside, they're more or less only able to look straight down on the upper surface, without glimpsing the sides of the die.

Very useful to magicians who need to force a specific number as part of a trick, or as part of a humorous routine.

Also available with a leather case on a keyring, so you'll ALWAYS have them ready to go!

Size : 16mm (5/8inch)
Shape : rounded edges and corners
Colour : white with black spots.

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