Forcing Dice - One Number Missing


Forcing Dice - One Number Missing 

These dice are known as”elimination dice” or “one-way tops.” One number has been replaced by another. For example the Double Four has an extra 4 instead of a 3, and the Double Five has an extra 5 instead of a 2. The extra number is on the opposite face to its double, so they are never visible at the same time. Only a close examination will give the game away.

Obviously these dice will not stand close scrutiny so they are most effective when used sparingly, substituted for a regular die at a critical moment. These are great for effects where you want to eliminate all but one number on the dice. For example, show six paper cups numbered one to six. Tell the spectator to roll the dice and eliminate the corresponding cup. You can have a prize or a forfeit under the last remaining cup. It HAS to remain, because that number is missing from the die!

Very useful to magicians who need to force a specific number as part of a trick, or as part of a humorous routine.

Also available with a leather case on a keyring, so you'll ALWAYS have them ready to go!

Size : 16mm (5/8inch)
Shape : rounded edges and corners
Colour : white with black spots.

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