Forgetful Geek




The classic comedy effect brought right up to date!!  

“Here is my brother/nephew/friend who spends too much time playing consoles in his bedroom.
He is so OBSESSED with this console that somedays he forgets to eat or wash!! Pee-yew!!!  Sometimes we think that he LIVES for his games and his head it TOTALLY in the zone!

At this point you make a wild gesture and knock the head off the figure!
"Hey, why don't we stick his head in the console and see what's going on!" The head is placed in the console  “You see!! When he's in the zone it's almost like he's not there!!" A short game is played with the console being tilted as in a die box routine. Eventually you open both doors and the head is GONE!
"This is what happens when you play computer games too much!"

"I remember when there was no Internet or WIFI (I know, right?? REALLY!!)  I could play a whole day with anything such as a marker, or even a balloon!"

You then take out a balloon that you inflate.  You start to draw a face on the balloon: first the eyes, the nose, the mouth, the ears, the hair and then an idea comes to you: you draw glasses and here is a new head for our figure!

The balloon is attached in place of the missing head and presto, here is our new computer geek who looks funny!  After a few moments and without your intervention, the balloon bursts and the head reappears, to the delight of your audience!

What you get :
The 'Geek' and its removable support – 60cm x 28cm approximately
The Console – size approx. 20cm x 35 cm
Some balloons
Beautifully printed on PVC with Anti UV film.

The appearance of the head is 100% mechanical, there are no electronics involved.

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