Four Nightmares



Four Nightmares DX

1. Magician displays two ropes, one long and one short. When stretched out together, they somehow become equal in length.

2. They are then tied together, but the knot is then slipped completely off of the rope.

3. Now, the magician has one long piece of rope, which is used to tie a knot in its center. The magician grasps and squeezes the knot. The knot melts completely away!

4. Magician makes another knot; this time the knot is very large. Finally, in one hand, magician has a clean long rope, and, in the other hand, and endless loop of rope in a circle.

5. For one extra effect, the loop of rope and the long rope are tied together, but suddenly, the knot dissolves, and magician is left with one single long rope!

This was the rope routine performed at TRIX 2018 by Ken Scott.  Unfortunately, the original instructions are printed in a booklet, and in Japanese. However, we include a link to Ken Scott's online tutorial on this fantastic effect.

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