Plate Spinning Holders

Jason Nejrup


Plate Spinning Holders - Mr Shiney

Mr Shiney (Jason Nejrup) first showed me these in the early months of 2022. He kindly sent me a prototype set to play with, which I took out on the road... and absolutely LOVED!

Previously to these, I would get the winner of my pass the plate routine to just hold two sticks in each hand, but with these, four or even SIX plates are simple!! If you add on the final headband SEVEN plates can be spinning at once, all held by just one child!  A definite photo opportunity, and one that will appear all over your socials!

The holders come in three versions, (as can be seen from the photographs). These are all 3D printed and hand crafted by Jason. 

We can now supply spinning plates which are PERFECT for Jason's holders. Click here for more information.

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