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Method by Bob Haynes   Storyline by Steve Dimmer.

A card trick for children?! Whatever next? Except this is a really simple plot with a smash finish which looks impossible!
Eight cards are shown, a mixture of boys and girls. You explain that , while you were setting up for a party last week, the children were playing party games. You noticed that in each of the games, when a girl should have won, one of the boys cheated. As you tell the story, a boy card is cleanly shown each time and placed into a simple wooden stand, back out to the audience.
Four times the boys cheated, and four times you have cleanly shown boy cards which are then placed in the stand as the winners.
You thought all this cheating was unfair, so you waved your wand and POW! When the stand is turned round, the winners have turned into GIRLS! And what about the four cards still in your hands – the losers? These are counted out, one at a time, and shown to be the BOYS! And serve them right for cheating!

You can have great fun setting up for this trick by bringing in an element of Boys v Girls, and getting the boys to cheer the boy cards, and the girls cheering the girls.

Please note: there is no sleight of hand, no Rough and Smooth. This is a genuinely bewildering transposition! You get the set of cards and a neat stand, which breaks into two for easy carriage and packing. A great pack-flat trick!

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