Thumb Lights - Triple Colour

Di Fatta


Thumb Lights - Triple Colour

This is a beautiful version that allows you to show 3 different coloured lights at your fingertips: red, green and blue!

With this gimmick you will enchant the audience. Your fingers will magically play with luminous spheres that will dance around you, appearing and disappearing everywhere.   
- Show your empty hands and pretend to grab something in the air: a bright light will appear at your fingertips. Put it in your pocket and then grab many more. You can repeat the effect as much as you like!
- Grab the lights and hide them in your other hand, but when you open it they will be gone!
- You can magically pass a light from one hand to the other, despite the fact that the hands are far apart: the audience will see the light in one hand disappear and reappear in the other, and much, much more!

• Easy to do.
• 2 Ghost Lights are supplied. Each allows the appearance of the three coloured lights.  • They are rechargeable with and come compete with a USB cable.
• The lights are super  powerful, and are always under your control.  The tri-coloured LEDs are very bright, so the effect will work well even in daylight!

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