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Grind-A-Ring – Roy Roth EXCLUSIVE
All rights to this effect were purchased by Practical Magic from the Roth family 2012.
This was always a lovely routine by Roy Roth, but it also makes a perfect routine for children. Here’s the action: you ask a child to borrow a ring from her Mum so that you can perform a trick. The ring needs a bit of a clean and a small ring polisher is produced and the ring dropped inside. The child helper winds the handle…what’s that noise? That doesn’t sound right!!
The ring polisher is turned upside down…and out falls gold glitter! Something’s gone badly wrong!
You ask the child what she thinks you ought to do. How about giving Mum a cheap substitute, but placing it in a nice box. Your helper chooses a box and opens it to put inside the dummy ring…only to find that there’s a ring in there already! And it’s her Mum’s ring!!
Really handsome props: you receive 
· the ring ‘polisher’, 
· 3 ring boxes, 
· some gold glitter, 
· a small duster 
· and a DVD with performance and full explanantion
all housed in a beautiful blue velvet box.

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