Hippety Hop Rabbits

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Hippety Hop Rabbits - UK EXCLUSIVE

For those of you not sure of the effect, a black rabbit and a white rabbit keep changing places. The black rabbit lives in the BLACK house, and the white rabbit lives in the WHITE house.

Suddenly, they change places! Well, of course they do, because the audience see you feebly trying to deceive them by turning round both rabbits and houses. Not only do you seem content to try and fool them once, but you have the sheer cheek to try it again and again! 

Children can be very vocal when they see you cheating so shamelessly!  BUT…just when the audience think they know exactly how it’s done, the rabbits change to RED and BLUE!

35 cm high rabbits made of washable foamex, which are visible on the biggest stage. The rabbits are printed directly to the foamex, so that they will never peel off. The rabbits and gimmicks are beautifully machined, which guarantees an exact fit for a 'fumble-free' performance.

This has been a classic of magic for many years, and justifiably so because it has ACTION, HUMOUR and PARTICIPATION – all essential ingredients of good entertainment for children. 
You won’t find a better-made version of this wonderful trick.

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