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Inflatable Wand – Silly Billy

How do I convince you that this is one of the best comedy items for children? Just take my word – buy ONE pack (there are 10 wands in a pack) and TRY IT! Stick it under your arm and, as you pull it out, it whacks your ear. LAUGHS! Do it again – and what do you get? LAUGHS! This isn’t Rocket Science: kids LOVE slapstick!! Now you say that you’re fed up of being whacked in the ear, so hold the wand vertically in front of your face…except…except…you can’t see the children, so you bend the wand downwards. BUT IT FLIPS UP AND WHACKS YOU IN THE FACE!


 Do it again! Do I need to say more? Then I will – you can GIVE THIS AWAY at the end of your show, AND you can personalise it by adding your sticker to the wand. Think of the publicity! Which child is going to forget the lunatic who kept getting hit in the face AND gave away the wand as a souvenir?
The wands are self-sealing (after 5 months, mine were still inflated). Length: about 22”. Inflated width: over 3”. In the picture, you see two versions of the same wand: the small version has been rolled tightly and inserted into a piece of black plastic tubing. Announce that you need a huge wand, and produce the small one. Immediate laughs! Slip it out of the tubing and inflate it. You have an added laugh for no extra effort!


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