Jumbo Locking Card Box

Tommy James


Jumbo Locking Card Box - Tommy James

With this super deceptive card box you can make cards appear, vanish and change. You can change paper into money or change one bill into another. 
You can perform spirit writing routines; Show a blank piece of paper on both sides and place it into the empty box. Have a card chosen or perform an add-a-number routine. Upon opening the box the chosen card or the total of the numbers is written on the paper. 

Have a spectator open the box at the end. They will find nothing as this box is equipped with a magnetic, locking ultra-thin gimmick. (Comes with a tool to unlock the gimmick) 

Made of PVC to last a lifetime. Box measures 6" X 9" to fit a standard jumbo playing card and has a latch to keep the box closed during the routine. The inner box is covered with black suede to give it a very elegant look and feel. 
A prop you will be proud to own!   

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