Ker-Plunk Wand

Tommy James


Ker PLUNK Wand – Tommy James UK EXCLUSIVE
One of the biggest hits of 2011 was Tommy James’s Comedy Christmas Wand. Well now, Tommy has created an all-year-round version of that great piece of comedy! A new comedy wand that will get loads of laughs in your kid-shows.
Its wacky, hysterical and klutzy! Its the Tommy James Comedy Ker PLUNK Wand!
Effect: A blue draw-string bag is tucked under your arm. Tell the kids you
can't find your magic wand and that you always keep it in a blue bag. The
kids will shout it is under your arm. You look under the other arm, but it
is not there. The kids tell you to look under the other arm! You state
"This IS my other arm!"
After some more antics, you eventually discover the blue bag but are
disappointed because the only thing in the blue bag is a RED bag. Remove
the red bag. The kids tell you to look in the red bag. Out of the red bag
you pull a GREEN bag. Once again the kids will tell you to look in the
GREEN bag. Finally remove the wand from the green bag.
State that this wand is the most powerful wand in the whole world. You
wave the wand to make some magic happen but to your surprise ker-plunk!. .
.  the tip falls off the end of the wand onto the floor! You replace it
but it does it again and again. Then the tip is stuck to your finger. You
don't see it, but the kids do and are quick to let you know. You pull the
tip from your finger but oh no, you pulled your finger off! (Don't worry,
you replace it. Whew!)
Now you can't find the tip but the kids inform you it is hanging off the
end of the wand, dangling from side to side! Finally you have all the kids
wiggle their fingers at the wand and say the magic words. To everyone's
surprise, in an animated motion the tip moves and POPS up and back onto
the wand all by itself! The kids have done the magic and fixed the wand!
You may now use the wand in your favorite routine.
Wand is 15" long and 3/4" diameter, black with silver prism tips. Very
easy to operate. Complete with three satin drawstring bags, magic wand and
Tommy's full routine. A guaranteed hit at your next kid show!

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