Kids Cards Across

Tommy James


Kids Cards Across - Tommy James

Invite two children to assist you. Display two clear vinyl holders attached to lanyards. One holder contains poker size cards with pictures of BIG RED APPLES. The second holder has BIG YELLOW BANANAS. You hang the lanyard containing the apples around your helper's neck to your left and the bananas on your helpers neck to your right, as the MAGIC will happen right under their noses!

You remove the apples and display seven red apples. You turn the cards around displaying seven RED backs. The audience counts with you as you count the cards very fairly and place them back into the clear holder. You remove the bananas, displaying each banana then having the audience count them with you, seven yellow bananas. Place them back into the clear holder on your right.

Using magic you attempt to make three apples fly through the air and land into the holder with the seven bananas.

Instruct your helper on your left to remove the apples and count them into your open hand. Miraculously only FOUR apples remain. Instruct the helper to your right to remove the cards from his/her packet and count them into your open hand. Their packet now contains TEN cards, three which are BIG RED APPLES! A miracle and a big round of applause for your helpers!

Tommy also shares an alternate ending where there ends up being only NINE cards with one apple missing. The missing apple is found stuck to the back of your little helper!

Note: This routine is not self working. There is ONE sleight involved that is FULLY explained in detail not only in the instructions, but Tommy also provides a private YouTube video link giving you a personal close-up view of the handling, making the learning as simple as pie.

Both the apples and bananas are bursting with colour making them visible from a distance. Cards are poker size cards with a gloss finish.

Complete with everything you need to perform this new cards across routine for kids: Holders, cards, lanyards and Tommy's full routine. Cards are regular playing card size.

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