Knitty Knitty Bang Bang

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Knitty Knitty Bang Bang – Boxo The Clown  EXCLUSIVE

If you ever do balloon modelling as part of your show – then this is for you! If you don’t – you are missing out on one of the best routines we have ever marketed. We have sold literally hundreds of these, and the sole reason is that this is a feature effect using simple props which was worked as a professional routine for several years before being marketed. Work it surrounded, from your pockets, during walkabout – you name it! It’s the old ‘Needle Through Balloon’, but in this routine it’s the child who succeeds (without knowing how!) while you fail. Both of you have a tube through which is pushed a modelling balloon. Now the fun begins, as first you, then your volunteer push needles through. Are you caught cheating? You bet! There are laughs galore from the moment you produce the knitting needles (“Do you know how sharp these are? Well, turn round and I’ll show you!”) to the very end when you make a balloon model out of the balloon, which has just had needles stuck through it! Take our word for it: this is very good! A small prop which plays big!

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