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Unavailable for a long time, but now back in stock. A fun, novel, different version of the classic "Bank Night" effect. The magician displays three ropes in his closed fist, offering a cash prize to the spectator that can select the rope with a secret marking on it. Despite their best efforts, the spectator's two selections are NEVER correct. The spectator pulls two ropes from the magicians fist, and neither has the secret mark. Offering to show the spectator's what they were missing, the magician opens his hand. The secret mark he alluded to was, in fact, a twenty pound note (or whichever denomination you can afford) tied to the rope! The magician removes the note and unties the knot. The trick is self-working, and comes complete with three beautiful hand-knitted ropes. There is NO forcing - the spectators really do have a free choice of ropes.

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