Lie Detector

Tommy James


Lie Detector - Tommy James

You explain to your audience that you, as a magician, will never tell a lie. To prove it, you offer to take a lie detector test. You bring out and display your new Lie Detector; A vibrant prop measuring 10" X 12" with bold graphics and an arrow in the middle. Then the fun begins!

You begin stating facts about yourself.

"I am the the world's greatest magician!" The lie detector points to false. The kids laugh.

"Well, I am the world's SECOND greatest magician!" Once again, the lie detector picks up that you are telling a lie, and the kids laugh.

"Well, I am the best magician in my house!" It points to TRUE.  

"Wait, I'm the ONLY magician in my house." It points to TRUE again.

(This entire routine is packed with Tommy's funny lines, but you can certainly use your own.)

"We are at Lisa's birthday party." TRUE

"I brush my teeth everyday." TRUE

"I change my underwear every day too." FALSE (The kids roar!)

The shenanigans continue until the lie detector refuses to work anymore and a sign pops up that says "OUT OF ORDER."

Please watch the video to get an idea of how entertaining this prop is. An attribute of this prop is that there is no setup or reset. Bring it out, perform the routine and put it back. It is ready for the next show which makes this an ideal prop for the working performer. 

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