Lovey Duck



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Lovey Duck - Billy Day

By kind permission of Ian Davies

The performer shows a model of a Garden shed - in which he says lives a little duck by the name of LOVEY. The door of the shed is opened and the small model duck is removed. It is clear that the shed is otherwise empty. The shed is closed and Lovey is placed back inside - BUT QUICKLY SPRINGS OUT AGAIN! "What's the matter Lovey?" says the performer, "It's not that big horrible cat from next door again is it?" 

So saying, he opens up the shed once more to show that a large cut-out model of a CAT has magically appeared inside! 

The door of shed is closed - and performer absent mindedly places the duck inside the hut with the Cat!! The children soon point out what he has done. Rushing to the shed, performer opens it - to find that Lovey has vanished — only the Cat is left behind. The Cat is removed and the shed is covered over with a cloth. However, the children are suspicious that the performer is really hiding Lovey behind the cat - and the way he is holding this, seems to confirm this belief. Eventually, the performer turns the cat around to show - not Lovey. He’s nowhere to be seen. "Oh dear, I do hope the Cat hasn't eaten Lovey". Then the performer has a bright idea - let's all say the magic word and see if we can magic Lovey back inside the shed. Children all say the magic word - and the performer removes the cloth and opens the shed - to show - not Lovey - but a large cut-out EGG! The performer removes this and holds it in his hand. Now, as the performer is talking to the children - the top of the egg opens and out pops Lovey!! 

"There he is!" cry the children, but every time the performer looks he pops back inside the egg once again. This is played up to the performer’s heart’s content - finally the Magician spots Lovey and removes him from the egg for the children to give him a hearty bringing this fabulous effect to a close!

The props supplied are the ones in the photograph, and not the ones seen in the video performance.


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