Lubor's Lens

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Lubor's Lens
Popularised by Paul Harris and invented by Lubor Fiedler, the Lubor Lens is a fantastic optical illusion.
The magician puts a pen on the outstretched fingertips of a spectator, and covers it with a transparent plastic card.  The pen is clearly visible under the card. After a moment, the magician rotates the card and makes the middle of the pen completely disappear. The spectator will see the centre of the pen visibly vanish, and he will now clearly see only his fingers under the “invisible” pen. He can even open and close his fingers… the centre of the pen will have become completely invisible! The magician now rotates the transparent card back to its original position, and the middle of the pen reappears. As a super climax, the magician rotates the card slightly to the left and slightly to the right claiming that he will magically twist the centre of the pen… and incredibly when he removes the transparent card, the pen, that was always in the hand of the spectator, is clearly twisted in its centre!
The transparent card is the size of a credit card, and can easily be slipped into your wallet.
You can disappear the centre of any pen (it can even be borrowed). To twist the centre of the pen, you should use the special pen supplied.

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