Lucky Lotto

Future Magic




All the fun of the Lottery and a piece of baffling magic as well!

Invite up a child to help and possibly win the Star Prize – which you display prominently. The idea is very simple: there are two clear tubes and some coloured balls. Your helper chooses some balls and so do you, but to win, the balls have to be in EXACTLY the same order! Just to make life a little more complicated, neither you nor your helper can see which ball you are choosing as they are all mixed up inside a bag!

Both tubes are covered and you and your helper start picking out balls, which are kept hidden as they are dropped into the covered tubes to build the suspense.

At the end, the tubes are slowly uncovered – and your helper has won!! Now comes lots of fun as you argue over the prize, but, rest assured, your helper is well-rewarded.

Really attractive –looking props and an up-to-date and exciting theme for the children.

Approx. height of tubes: 7½” (19cms.)

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