Mad, Mad Balls

Quentin Reynolds


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Mad, Mad Balls - Quentin Reynolds   PRACTICAL MAGIC EXCLUSIVE

Originated by Ernest Bradford, but unavailable for over 40 years, Quentin Reynolds has taken this little known prop, and rebuilt it from scratch using modern materials to bring you a funny, entertaining and extremely clever piece of magic!

The magician displays a small red box, which is tipped upside down to allow a small red ball to drop out. The box is empty, and the idea of the game is to make the red ball jump from the magician's pocket back to the box. The red ball is placed inside the pocket, however, when the box is tipped up, a green ball appears!! This green ball is dropped into the box and tipped out several times, when suddenly it becomes yellow! The ball changes from yellow to green several times, and just when the audience think they've seen it all, a blue ball appears! These colour changes can go on as long as you need, but eventually the red ball does end up back in the box, but it's a giant spongeball, four times the size of the others!

It's a great fun routine, ideal for kids or adults. The gimmicked box is unlike anything I've seen before. Quentin has taken the original improved it vastly by making it totally self contained. No magnets or sleight of hand are involved, and yet you are in complete control of which coloured ball appears. These boxes are hand made by Quentin, and there's a whole load of work that goes into making each one - so supplies are sure to be limited on this item.

Box size is 16x9x9cm (6x3.5x3.5 inches)
Box and ball colours may differ from the photograph.

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