Magic Colouring Book



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Magic Colouring Book

Magic Painting routines are always popular with children, as it is they who seem to make the magic work. In this routine, you show a colouring book with the outline of pictures, but no colours. You ask the children to help you colour the pictures by rubbing their favourite coloured clothes, or you could use our ‘Colour-Changing Crayons’ to add more magic to the routine. When you next flip through the book, all the colours have appeared, and you congratulate the children. Unfortunately, you say, you need to use the book again, so could the children now help you by rubbing out the colours? There’s plenty of scope for comic business here, before you show that the book is now completely empty! Colourful, magical, visual, and, most importantly, entertaining! Approx: 11" x 8" (27 x 21 cms.)

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