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Magic Marksman – Ron Gilbert  EXCLUSIVE 

Yes, this is a riot of fun, laughter, participation and surprise: in fact, all the essential ingredients for the professional children’s entertainer. A small balloon is blown up, folded in half and placed into a small circular target ring. The target is given and freely handled by the helper (adult or child). The helper is also given a ‘balloon zapper’. (There’s some wonderful business here, when you hand the child a banana!) He is instructed firstly to give you the target and whilst you hold it he may fire at the balloon in his own time from any distance…and when the zapper goes ‘bang’ the balloon automatically bursts!
But this is only the start of a very funny routine. Once the helper has been established as a Magic Marksman for his skill at shooting, he is then given back the target (with, of course, another balloon inserted each time) and he is given the freedom to place the target anywhere he chooses…except he has to place down the target, then return to the place he was standing, turn, and fire!
An hilarious situation now takes place, since after the performer has told the helper what to do, and watched him carry out these instructions, he turns to the audience to ask them to do a countdown, but the balloon bursts...much to the surprise and the consternation of the helper! The performer asks the audience if the helper cheated, and much more fun ensues!
This comedy situation is repeated a couple more times with much laughter before finally you thank the assisting helper and give him a small prize for being a good sport!
Although we have written up this item as if it was being performed for children, don’t underestimate the fun you can have with adults!
Comes complete with target (stands just over a foot tall), 100 x 160 balloons and full instructions, including a brilliant routine from Trevor Payne. Ask any of the dozens and dozens who have purchased this effect already! 

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