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Magic Wand Machine  EXCLUSIVE 

Where do magic wands come from? We all use them, but where do they come from and how are they made? The answer, of course, is a Magic Wand Machine! You explain to the children that your machine only arrived this morning, so you need to read the instructions. This you do, beginning by showing that you have an empty box, a LOUD cranking handle, a funnel and two tins of paint: one black and one white.
What’s next? ‘Crank the handle and open the box.’ So you fetch up a young helper, the handle is cranked and out comes a piece of square wooden dowelling! Roughly the right shape, but NOT a magic wand. Put it back in and crank the handle again. This time, we have a round, wooden piece of dowelling: right shape, but surely a wand is black and white. ‘Paint’ is poured in (don’t worry – it’s magic paint) and the handle cranked and out comes…a black wand. In your haste, you’ve forgotten the white paint. The whole process is repeated but you tip in too muck white and out comes …a white wand. Then we get a STRIPED wand, a SPOTTED wand, a WHITE WAND WITH BLACK TIPS, before finally we have a proper magic wand, which you can use in your show! Of course, the box is once again empty. This is a BIG routine in every way! The prop itself is large and eye-catching: roughly 18” x 10” x 4” made of tough Foamex and decorated with bright colours. Comes complete with the box, the paint tins, the funnel and all the different wands. Huge potential for fun and business.

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